"Blogging is to marketing what breathing is to living."

#"Most of the corporate crowd has an uncanny sense of competition and these zeroes in on the weight of their website. We have observed and recorded many cases of humungous companies coming down in business because they neglected their websites and in general, their virtual presence. In the initial stages of website development, there wasn’t much to be communicated with clients over the net. But the social media changed the whole game with connecting and networking being made mandatory. This is because, the whole world owns smartphones and has made their lives convenient by converting real time actions to virtual ones. This being the case, when one plans to visit their company on business, they would directly log into the company’s website and check out their facilities. In such a situation, an ill functioning website is not what people want. Blogs come to the rescue as the first step because; this will show the first sign of life. Having an active blog can make a beautiful gift that you will give yourself in the future in terms of continuous views and new clients."

  •   Traffic
  •   Social media mentions
  •   Commenting
  •   Goal completion
  •   Internal search


Search engine visibility

We stress on blogging as this will automatically move your company to the top ten most searched/talked about websites when clients search. This is done with the help of specific keywords with which the clients search. We incorporate that and hence create visibility for you.


Generating repeated viewers

It is a known fact that by releasing blogs in a steady period of time, the viewers will be eager to read the further posts. This will make readers to look out for that interesting update on your latest posts in their social media feeds.


Increased linking

This is quite the rage now where readers, if interested by the content of a blog post, copy its URL and message the link to their circle of friends. This sharing of link will in turn garner a couple more of views.


Gaining customer feedback

Blogs become excellent feedback places to elicit instant comments for the content provided. This will help the company to know what their clients feel about the topic and can generate discussions on it. This will give a deep insight on the customer’s views and take appropriate decisions.